Rocket Express Car Wash is a STATE-OF-THE-ART CONVEYOR CAR WASH.

We use the latest technology from Ryko Manufacturing a leader in the car wash industry. We are also using cutting edge reclaim equipment. Giving us the ability to reclaim and recycle 100% of our wash water.

Ryko’s FoamBrite Wash System includes a multitude of features that allow Ryko to offer the safest, most satisfying clean in the industry. The FoamBrite Wash System includes 100% patented and exclusive FoamBrite wash material; A lightweight, closed-cell polymer cleaning material that is virtually waterproof and designed to prevent dirt from accumulating on the brushes. The FoamBrite lubricity application to provide the highest quality wash. Other important components of the FoamBrite Wash System includes:

  • Ultrasonic Mapping: Recognizes different vehicle types which, in turn, produces a safer, higher quality wash for any sized vehicle.
  • AMP Sensing Sensors: This feature allows the system to recognize when a brush has been tangled in such things as a trailer hitch, and will shut down that arm for that wash to provide a safer wash process.
  • Top Brush Interrupt: Used in conjunction with the Ultrasonic Measuring Pass, the Top Brush Interrupt prevents the top brush from descending into pickup beds where it could come into contact with any accumulated debris and possibly damage the vehicle or machine. The Ultrasonic “read”, or detect, the profile of the vehicle to determine what type of vehicle is present. If a pickup is detected a timer is used to perform the Top Brush Interrupt.
  • FoamBrite is more than a material; it is a complete wash system that has been extensively researched and was developed to provide the safest, best cleaning and most comprehensive wash system in the car wash industry.

Rocket Express Car Wash utilizes New Wave Industries state of the art PurWater Reclaim System and the PurClean Spot Free Rinse System. The PurClean™ Spot-Free Rinse and PurWater™ Recovery systems are engineered with the most innovative technology for efficient, cost-effective operation and manufactured with only the finest quality of components to assure optimum customer satisfaction. The PurClean™ Spot-Free Rinse system provides an environmentally friendly means of pre-treating the water hardness allowing the elimination of softeners and the brine water associated with them yet still providing a high quality Spot Free rinse. The PurWater™ Recovery system is engineered to reduce water and sewer usage and costs by as much as 85% by providing odor free 5 micron quality water suitable for all washes while not adversely affecting wash quality. PurClean and PurWater systems save on water, sewer and electrical usage contributing to the sustainability of the entire site while still providing environmentally friendly water treatment for the entire wash process.