Fundraising at Rocket Express Car Wash

At Rocket Express Car Wash our fundraising programs are designed to help your organization raise money quickly and easily, while giving the community a service they need. Though a parking lot car wash might sound like a good way to make money for your organization, you may not realize that dirty water from parking lot and driveway car washing enters the storm sewer system. This system is only meant for rainfall, storm sewer water flows directly into the creeks and streams. All our water flows through our treatment tanks and then into the sanitary sewer where it is treated and reused.

How our program works:

Rocket Express Car Wash is happy to help our community by offering two different fundraiser programs to benefit local non-profit organizations and schools. Because these programs are so popular and so successful, there is a limit on the number of organizations permitted to participate in the program each month.

Call 303-517-8956 or use our  contact us form to see if we have space available during the time period you are interested in.

A letter from your organization’s President authorizing you to run the fundraiser on behalf of the organization is required. The letter must be on organization’s letterhead and include the organization’s not-for-profit tax ID number. This letter should be mailed or delivered to us once you’re accepted into the program.

You will need to sign the Rocket Express Car Wash fundraiser contract.

A profitable group effort for the following types of groups:

  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Churches
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Athletic teams
  • Any Non-Profit Organization

There are two simple options on how to configure your program.

  1. Your organization buys our $12.00 car wash cards for $5.00 and sells them for $10.00. This works very well because you raise $5.00 for every car wash you sell and the customer gets a $12.00 car wash for $10.00. Your group needs to pay $25.00 for the design and printing of the coupons.
  2. We will assign you a wash code. Every time one of your supporters enters this code we will donate between 25% of the price paid to your organization. This can be an ongoing program.