Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Are The Vacuums free?

Yes! We offer 12 self-serve vacuum stations that are complimentary with the purchase of any wash.

Do you offer a Weather Guarantee?

Yes! If at anytime within 48 hour of your original car wash your car gets dirty bring in your receipt and we’ll give you our Bronze Car Wash for free.

Will the brushes scratch my car?

No! Our Foambrite Wash system includes 100% patented and exclusive Foambrite Wash material; A lightweight, closed-cell polymer cleaning material that is virtually waterproof and designed to prevent dirt from accumulating on the brushes. This allows our customers to receive a higher quality wash than a “touch-free,” yet eliminates the risk of being scratched by bristles or dirt particles that are sometimes retained by cloth brushes.

Do I stay inside my car?

Yes! Our conveyor system allows you to stay inside your vehicle throughout the entire process. Once you have paid you will be directed onto the conveyor belt and asked to put the car in neutral and to not touch the brake until directed other wise.

Do you take Credit Cards?

Yes! We accept all major Credit Cards in addition to cash.

Do you have Gift Cards?

Yes we do have gift cards available. You can purchase $10, $25 or $50 cards or you have the cards pre-loaded with a desired number of washes.

What are the restrictions for your tunnel?

No “dualies”; and no vehicles taller than 7’1″; no ladder racks hanging over the front; no tires wider than 12.5″.

Will my windshield crack in extreme temperatures?

No. Unless there is a defect in the glass, your windshield will not crack when going through the wash on an extremely hot or cold day.

What is Magnesium “Mag” chloride?

Mag Chloride is a salt compound that is pre-applied to the roads in the winter to prevent ice. When left on your car it can cause wiring corrosion and rust.

Where/how do I redeem my coupon?

If you have a coupon, you can still pull right into our line. You will then be asked by the automated attendant to enter the coupon code when you pay for your car wash.

Do you recycle your water?

Yes! We recycle 100 percent of our water through our re-claim system. Also, we only use 18 gallons of fresh water per wash, compared to a home wash which typically uses 60 to 120 gallons of fresh water.